Grofar Join the Skills Builder Partnership and Embed the Skills Builder Framework

Skills Builder

We are very excited to announce that Grofar have joined the Skills Builder Partnership and in doing so have embedded the Skills Builder Framework in the latest release of our award-winning Careers Management Solution.

Student Digital Careers Passport
Student Digital Careers Passport

We are thrilled to be working with this leading organisation to help ensure that all children and young people build the essential skills to thrive during their time in school and beyond. By embedding the Skills Builder Framework into Grofar we are helping to support a common and consistent language and shared outcomes when helping young people to reflect on their careers and employability learning and experiences when tracking the progress they are making.

Careers Leaders across the country use Grofar to plan, track and report on the variety of activities and experiences students take part in. All activities in Grofar can be directly linked to the clearly defined skills within the Skills Builder Framework. This means both students and teachers will be able to consistently track and map the skills students have used and developed, and identify any gaps in their understanding of these skills. By working with the Skills Builder Partnership we are able to help schools and colleges embed the framework in their careers programmes and build these essential skills with students.

Skills Builder Partnership

The Skills Builder Framework and the Partnership draw together the best thinking and experience around building employability skills from educators, employers and other skills-building organisations.

It turns skills that can often seem hazy into a consistent set of eight transferable skills: listening; presenting; problem-solving; creativity; aiming high; staying positive; teamwork; and leadership. It goes further by breaking each skill down into teachable, learnable and assessable chunks and putting them into an effective order.

This Framework and Partnership together present the opportunity of a shared language and common expectations around essential skills.

The Partnership includes over 500 primary, secondary and special schools, as well as colleges, 130 employers and more than 40 skills-building organisations. For more information visit