CASE STUDY: Milton Keynes College

Milton Keynes College

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Increasing student engagement on Industry Placements.

In the past, students at Milton Keynes often struggled with keeping a placement diary and logging hours – a key element of reporting and meeting the CDF expectations. As CDF funding is required by the college to support their high quality Industry Placement programme, they knew they needed to find a more effective way to increase student engagement with Industry Placements.

Milton Keynes College
Milton Keynes College


Inspire students with an app on their phone to manage their Industry Placements.

Knowing that their students seem to store their life on their phones and live in the digital realm, the Milton Keynes Industry Placement management team recognised that they needed a digital solution to help inspire students to engage and track their placements consistently. The Grofar Industry Placement platform met their requirements perfectly as a user friendly,
modern and comprehensive digital solution.

The mobile student app provides students with an engaging and easy way to track their targets, photograph experiences and log hours during placements. Plus, for the first time, Grofar makes it easy for tutors to know when and where their students are throughout the placement and support them to set and achieve targets.

Grofar Work Placement Platform Mobile Student App
Work Placement Platform Mobile Student App

Since implementation, the students have effortlessly moved to logging placement hours on Grofar and uploading experiences to track their targets. With students consistently tracking hours in Grofar and employers verifying these hours with only a few clicks, all the placement information has remained upto- date, accurate and stored in one place. Reporting for CDF funding has gone from being a tedious and laborious exercise to a quick and easy task, giving the Industry Placement team more time to focus on the students and business engagement. Grofar has become vital in connecting and engaging the whole college with Industry Placements.

“As soon as you get going on Grofar, it’s straightforward and easy to use. With a couple of clicks we can filter placement information and see where we are with things; for example, whether students are behind and need additional support. Plus, Grofar takes student data straight from our MIS so it’s always up to date. Grofar is best in class compared to everything else we’ve seen when it comes to tracking student placements.”

Kirsten Lea
Deputy Head of School (Work Experience)

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