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Plan, track, evidence, and evaluate a high-quality Careers Education, PSHE & Enrichment provision

Leading careers guidance, skills development, and Gatsby Benchmark, tracking software complete with comprehensive digital student passport.

Grofar Careers Service software

Software Features

Digital Student Passport

Fully mobile student passport with tools to help engage students and help them take ownership of their careers development and choices ahead.

  • Personalised careers programme, assignments & certificates.
  • Skills development & profiling tools.
  • Action plans, goal setting, personal statement & C.V. download.

Complete Careers Programme

Build, assign and track students through a complete Careers Programme linked to the Gatsby Benchmarks.

  • Assign activities, lessons, skills & assignments to each year group.
  • Track individual student progress and award certificates.
  • Use the Careers Programme template included or create your own.

Gatsby Benchmark Reporting

Comprehensive reporting against the Gatsby Benchmarks so that you can track progress and compare achievement year on year.

  • Reporting for SLT and Ofsted.
  • Powerful insights to evaluate careers provision.
  • Easily identify students at risk for becoming NEET.

Employer Engagement

Easy to use tools to engage with businesses and the community and make the most of these interactions.

  • Business portal showcases engagement.
  • Fundraising and pledging tools.
  • Tools to grow your business database.

Careers Plan & Activity Tracking

At the heart is a set of planning tools built in collaboration with the CDI that allow you to produce a comprehensive careers plan to meet Gatsby Benchmark 1.

  • Track careers activity, curriculum lessons & business engagements.
  • Calendar to manage events and gather feedback.
  • Track skills development against the Skills Builder framework.

Destinations Data Collection

Simplify the task of collecting Destinations Data from your students with online forms for students to complete.

  • Simple online form to collect destinations.
  • Track student completions and progress.
  • Identify students who require support or that "don’t know".

MIS & CRM Integration

Integrate directly with your school or college MIS & CRM systems to ensure quick set-up and data is always kept up to date. Grofar integrates with all mainstream MIS providers.

Capita SIMS
RM Integris

Skills Builder Framework

Grofar implements the Skills Builder Universal Framework. We are helping to support a common consistent language and shared outcomes when helping young people to reflect on their careers and employability learning and experiences when tracking the progress they are making.

Skills Builder

Key Benefits

Engage your students

Students take ownership of careers and employability activity in their digital student passport.

Track your progress against the Gatsby Benchmarks

Align and track establishment provision against the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Be Ofsted Ready!

Provide a higher quality Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) service with evidence for OFSTED.

Support every student

Stay on top of individual student activity and vulnerable groups - track provision, activity, skills development, business engagements, and individual progress towards your Careers Programme.

Make better use of your time

Streamline complex processes such as Destinations collection and save hundreds of hours on repetitive administration tasks.

Build Your business and alumni network

Increase employer engagement with the fundraising and pledging platform.

Take a strategic approach

Create a robust establishment-wide strategy and produce comprehensive management information and reports for SLT.

Student Digital Careers & Work Readiness Passport
Student Digital Careers & Work Readiness Passport

Why Grofar Careers Service Software?

Developed with Careers Leaders, Grofar Careers Service Management Software is the complete solution to help schools and colleges manage their Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) provision in line with the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Grofar provides a complete careers programme, activity tracking, destinations recording and a suite of employer engagement tools to support the delivery of a high-quality CEIAG service. Students engage via a cutting-edge mobile application to build their digital careers and word readiness profile, and track skills development. Comprehensive reporting provides powerful insights to empower Careers Leaders whilst helping to identify students at risk of becoming NEET and ensuring no student is left behind.

What Our Customers Say

Oasis Academy Brislington

"Grofar has provided us with an excellent tool to support our students to create a careers portfolio which enables them to record the careers activity they have taken part in and provide relevant feedback which in turn is useful information for us as a school to improve our careers provision. Tutors and students have found logging in, setting up profile and adding information to their career goals straight forward and Grofar have provided great support to staff and students in that process."

Ina Goldberg, Assistant Head, Oasis Academy Brislington
Hartpury University and Hartpury College

"Grofar has enabled us to utilise an effective communication tool, that will prepare students’ readiness for work in a variety of engaging ways. The system will allow us to reduce time spent on a complex process and utilise this resource into supporting students have a great placement or work experience. Not only will it allow us to further demonstrate our delivery against the Gatsby Benchmarks for our College, it also gives a platform with which to showcase all support on offer for our University students. We have been amazed at the 1:1 contact nature of the team involved. Whether this be via phone, in person or webchat the response to any query during a time of change has been really appreciated."

Simon Spooner, Enterprise & Careers Manager, Hartpury College

Case Studies

Redland Green School

Redland Green School, Bristol

Implementing a full school strategy and Destination Data collection.

Read Case Study
The Downs School

The Downs School, Newbury

Using Grofar to support a Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) quality award.

Read Case Study
Hall Green School

Hall Green School, Birmingham

Engaging students with the school careers programme.

Read Case Study

How does Grofar Careers Service Management software enable you to achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks?

Grofar has been design specifically to help schools and colleges meet the Gatsby Benchmarks. The software will then support you in every step of the way to embed Gatsby in the following ways:

  Download the Gatsby Benchmark info sheet.

  Gatsby Benchmark How Grofar helps
1. A stable careers program

Gatsby Benchmark 1 - A stable careers program

  • Free Careers Programme Builder & Careers Plan Tools provides you with an online tool and pre-populated template you can use to define your school Careers Programme. You can customise the template and add activities, lessons, assignments, and homework which can be targeted at different year groups. that can then be shared or hosted on your school website.
  • Careers Programme Manager – All of the features of the free Careers Programme Builder plus the ability to, assign and track student progress through your Careers Programme and record their activity linked to the Gatsby Benchmarks. Students access a digital passport and are provided with a careers certificate.
  • Gatsby Benchmark Dashboards Reports that can inform into the quality of your careers provision to enable continual evaluation and improvement.
2. Learning from career and labour market information

Gatsby Benchmark 2 - Learning from career and labour market information

  • LMI Explorer built directly into the Student Passport enables exploration of relevant LMI information.
  • Careers Noticeboard to make students aware of opportunities.
  • Resources Library provides access to online resources such as professional bodies, Post 16 institutions, Universities, Apprenticeship providers and employers.
3. Addressing the needs of each pupil

Gatsby Benchmark 3 - Addressing the needs of each pupil

  • Individual Student Career Record linked to your MIS (such as SIMS) collates rich data around individual student provision and tracks all careers engagements, activity, and skills development over time.
  • Key Data such as Free School Meal (FSM), Ethnicity and Special Education Needs (SEN) shown in Grofar dashboards so reporting on vulnerable groups is simple.
  • Custom Student Groups provides the ability to easily target groups such as “STEM” or “Risk of NEET”
  • Caseload Manager to keep a track and share actions with staff members ensuring nothing lost.
  • Action Plans that helps each student set goals and engage with their own choices, careers research and destinations.
4. Linking curriculum learning to careers

Gatsby Benchmark 4 - Linking curriculum learning to careers

  • Curriculum Lessons can be planned, and activity can be logged for students by subject tutors and teachers.
  • Lesson Plans linked to the PSHE curriculum are provided to help you embed and link to learning. Our lesson plans have been mapped to the CDI Framework and Gatsby Benchmarks.
5. Encounters with employers and employees

Gatsby Benchmark 5 - Encounters with employers and employees

  • Employer Contacts Database, Signup, and Communication tools to help you build your employer network, record, and share engagements, and communicate effectively with businesses.
  • Tracking and reporting on all employer engagements to help evidence your “7” contact experiences.
6. Experiences of workplaces

Gatsby Benchmark 6 - Experiences of workplaces

  • Work Experience Placement Manager to manage the WEX process in line with required standards.
  • Work Experience Digital Logbook offers a high-quality work experience tracking, evaluation, feedback, and reflection tool for students.
  • Experiences of Work can be recorded that can include details of the business contacts your students engage with along with activity feedback that helps to build a rich picture and inform your employer engagement strategy.
7. Encounters with further and higher education

Gatsby Benchmark 7 - Encounters with further and higher education

  • Event Calendar to organise and invite students to Higher Education events.
  • Action Plan recording and planning of each students’ careers focus, ambitions, and direction allows you to identify and support your students FE and HE engagement needs.
  • Destinations Data collection tools help you identify and support students seeking to go into Further and Higher Education.
8. Personal guidance

Gatsby Benchmark 8 - Personal guidance

  • Action Plan to record student aspirations, set personal goals and engage them with their careers journey.
  • One to One Meeting Organiser will help facilitate and record face to face careers advice and guidance sessions, and build confidence and motivation.
  • Resources Library – customisable library that will provide students with access to a wealth of information and online tools to explore and save to their favourites.
  • Student Passport Fully mobile student passport with tools to help engage students and help them take ownership of their careers development and choices ahead.
    • Personalised careers programme, assignments & certificates.
    • Skills development & profiling tools.
    • Action plans, goal setting & personal statement.

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