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Training, best practice, and C.P.D sessions to support Careers and WEX delivery and usage of Grofar platforms within our partner schools and colleges.

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Improving Your Employer Engagement and conversations

Grofar Employer Engagement Training Course

  Duration: 3.5 hours

Course Modules

Understanding the Structure of an Effective Employer Conversation

We will share the different stages of the conversation and help delegates to understand why each stage must be considered carefully to optimise the chance of a positive outcome for both parties.

Pre-call Planning

Broken down into two key areas – what you need to understand from your employer and what you need to share with them – delegate’s input welcomed!

Building Rapport

We will explore the key drivers for effective rapport – likeability and trustworthiness – and shares hints and tips on how to build these with your employers.

Questioning Techniques

There is so much more to this than Open and Closed Questions and we will help you understand what the different kinds of questions are and when and how to ask them.

Positioning your College and Overcoming Objectives

What to say and how to say it – We share the key learning points around Features and Benefits and how to ensure you talk about what is important to your employer. Overcoming 'objections' is made easy and comfortable using the right approach, which will also be discussed during this module.

Securing Commitment

We discuss what different kinds of commitment there are in the context of employer conversations and how to build a teamworking approach as the call progresses.

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