Complete Careers Management

School Careers

  • ✔ Careers planning
  • ✔ Destinations
  • ✔ One to one meetings
  • ✔ Work experience
  • ✔ Alumni platform
  • ✔ Ofsted evidence reporting
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  • ✔ Student Passport
  • ✔ Evidence skills & provision
  • ✔ Record activity & engagement
  • ✔ Action plans and goal setting
  • ✔ Work experience log books
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Primary Schools

  • ✔ Funding & pledging platform
  • ✔ Manage campaigns
  • ✔ Engage Community Heroes
  • ✔ Money back guarantee
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Welcome to Grofar

Grofar is the leading, SIMS integrated, careers guidance management solution that helps schools to meet Statutory Guidance, satisfy Ofsted and achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Grofar reduces the time careers leaders and careers co-ordinators spend on administration and stores all information in one place. Grofar evidences your careers service activity helping to improve your careers guidance programme.

The easy and effective one-system solution encompasses everything from careers service planning, event organisation and feedback to destination data collection and work experience management. A pioneering student careers passport ensures every student evidences careers activity and has access to aspirational careers advice, action plans and careers resources.

We believe every student should have access to quality Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance and our job is to help make this possible. Grofar was developed by the trusted, award-winning team that created Schoolcomms.

Case Studies

"I believe this independent and impartial on-line service has a lot of resources and features which would allow me to work more efficiently as a sole practitioner."

CASE STUDY: St Peter’s Church of England Aided School, Exeter

Download Grofar Case Study St Peters, Exeter St Peter’s Church of England Aided School is a larger than average-sized secondary school on the outskirts of Exeter. It has a recent Ofsted rating of Good and has above average Progress 8 of 0.37 In 2007 St Peter’s began a journey to transform learning, developing strategies to […]

“I needed a tool that could automate time consuming activities such as gathering business contacts and manage administrative processes”

“I am happy we will always be ‘OFSTED’ ready”

CASE STUDY: The Orchard School, Bristol

Download Grofar Case Study Orchard, Bristol Why did you choose Grofar? “I needed a tool that could automate time consuming activities such as gathering business contacts and manage administrative processes” After joining the school and taking over the role of Careers Co-ordinator a year ago; I soon found myself swamped with paperwork. Stacks of documents […]


Manage and improve the service you offer to your students and maintain your information on one unified platform

Everything in one place

Save time on administration

Put yourself in control

Engage your students

Monitor & evidence progress

Evidence for leadership & OFSTED


Grow your network

Why choose Grofar?

There’s never enough time in the day

Grofar is the single integrated system that reduces the time that Careers Leaders need to spend on administration. It automates time consuming processes and allows you to spend more time on the areas where you can add value to helping students achieve their aspirations.

Choose what you use

We recognise that all schools are different so Grofar can be tailored to the specific requirements of your school. You can use just a few features or lots. Whether you just use the wizard driven Career Plan generator or create your own resource library and invite students to create their own individual Career Action Plans, the choice is yours.

Use student information from your existing MIS system

Whether you use SIMS, RM, DoubleFirst, ISAMS or any of the other leading MIS systems, you will be able to easily import your student data into Grofar using the simple import tool.

Latest news

UK Careers Development Awards

Grofar shortlisted for UK Careers Development Awards

We are delighted to have been shortlisted in the “Best Practice in the Use of Technology in Career Development” category of the UK Career Development Awards run by the CDI.  We have strong competition from another great company, SDS, who have been shortlisted twice, once for their ‘My World of Work Live! and also their […]

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Community Engagement

New Ed-Tech Tool Launched To Help Schools Seek Support

The planned shake-up of school funding means many head teachers may need to rely more and more on their own fundraising activities. Teachers unions claim the new National Funding Formula sets the basic level of funding too low and it has been calculated that 98% of schools will face a funding cut for every pupil. […]

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North Tyneside Learning Trust

Grofar Secures Major New Contract in the North East

Ten schools in the north east of England have taken on popular careers guidance management solution Grofar, in a contract that will offer consistency and continuity of careers support across the area. The North Tyneside Learning Trust is a collaboration of 46 schools working in partnership with employers, universities and colleges to improve education and […]

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We would be delighted to show you around a fully populated system so you can get a flavour for how much time you can save using Grofar and how it would help improve your school CEIAG provision. This usually takes 20-30 minutes.

Following a demo, we will be happy to provide you with a hands-on free trial or answer any questions you may have.

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The importance of providing a good careers service to students

We firmly believe that developing career aspirations at an early stage creates an environment where children want to learn. And when children want to learn, they’re easier to teach. And when children are easier to teach, teaching gets better. And when teaching gets better, children learn more. And when children learn more…..they’re in a far better position to achieve their aspirations….whatever that might turn out to be!

Let’s do this together!