CASE STUDY: Activate Learning College Group

Activate Learning College Group

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Find a digital solution to manage Industry Placements.

With a view to improving the quality of industry placements and looking towards T-Levels, Activate Learning identified the need for a digital solution to manage, monitor and evidence student placements.

To date, Activate Learning had a good process in place, but it relied too heavily on cumbersome tracking spreadsheets and paper workbooks. Managing H&S checks and engagement with employers was labour intensive. Whilst on placement, it was difficult to verify attendance and track student progress. The college found that student workbooks were not always handed in on time and it was often too late to take any remedial action on poor placements. Placements often required a great deal of follow-up time with employers to verify attendance and log hours.

Activate Learning decided it was time to move to a cuttingedge digital solution that would enable them to remove frustrating, inefficient and needless administration. A solution that would save time and money by streamlining their processes, and allow them to focus on the quality of their industry placements instead.


Implement the Grofar Work Placement Platform.

Working closely with the experienced onboarding team throughout the implementation process – with regular catchup meetings and quick turnarounds – Activate Learning successfully implemented the Grofar Work Placement Platform across all four of their colleges.

“With Grofar leading the training on the system and roll-out to staff, there was a real partnership across all campuses at all levels. The Grofar team provided excellent support throughout the process; as a result, college staff felt comfortable speaking directly to the experts from Grofar and were very quickly ‘up to speed’ with the system.”

Engaging students on Industry Placements

Grofar Work Placement Platform Mobile Student App
Grofar Work Placement Platform Mobile Student App

Students at Activate Learning have become instantly engaged with the online handbook that they can complete and submit from their placements – it even allows them to use their mobile devices to upload photos of evidence which is a real benefit in encouraging engagement.  It means they are more open to recording activities and developments and also ensures we can monitor progress in realtime and with fewer visits to employers. We can easily ensure students are attending placements and that they feel safe while progressing against their targets.

“Grofar streamlines and simplifies the whole business process: from placement set-up, to student and employer engagement. It puts the student in control of their experience via a cutting-edge mobile interface, and allows staff to focus on the quality of placement – rather than administration, monitoring and chasing.”

Richard Durston
Group Director of Institutional Effectiveness

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