VWEX Programme Software

Create an engaging VWEX programme for your school or college.

Track individual student progress against your plan.

Virtual Work Experience (VWEX) Programme Manager

Digital Student Passport

Fully mobile student passport with tools to help engage students and help them take ownership of their careers development and choices ahead.

  • Personalised VWEX programme, assignments & certificates.
  • Skills development & profiling tools.
  • Access to a wealth of online resources and tools.
  • Online assignment submission.
  • Action plans, goal setting, personal statement & C.V. download.

Student Progress Tracking

Assign and track students through your complete VWEX Programme.

  • Use a 3rd party VWEX programme, choose a template, or create your own.
  • Assign activities, lessons, skills & assignments to each year group.
  • Assign homework and track student submissions.
  • Add contacts to the business database and log your student's engagement with employers.
  • Track individual student progress through the programme and award certificates.

This will give you an excellent insight into our VWEX platform which in short is designed to allows schools and colleges to run their own or 3rd party VWEX offerings through the Grofar VWEX platform. The platform subscription is available for £290 schools / £990 colleges p.a. (an MIS connection cost may apply). The benefits of using the Grofar VWEX platform are many and include:

  • All the materials and assignments are loaded and accessible to appropriate students and staff at any time - no more searching!
  • Staff can easily track how the programme aligns to key employability skills and the Gatsby Benchmarks
  • Staff can easily track how targeted groups of students are progressing through the different activities and assignments – they can see what students are doing and when – making reporting immediate and straightforward and ensuring no student is left behind
  • Students can be more effective at managing their time as they have the VWEX programme visible on their calendar
  • Students will feel the benefit of achievement through a Certificate of Completion when they’ve finished the programme
  • Students can provide feedback on the VWEX programme and reflect on their experience – and all this is visible to the student and staff.


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Grofar license prices are annually recurring and are listed excluding VAT. * There is an optional additional £90 annual cost for schools who would like to enable the automated MIS sync. For colleges there is an optional one-off MIS setup cost of £1000.

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