Destinations Data Collection Service

Know where your student leavers go

Save time and money with our intelligent messaging system and dedicated team to track your student destinations.

Destinations Data Collection

Are your students ending up in meaningful destinations?

How will it help you?

Our innovative service has been designed to provide:

  • Higher destinations response rates from students.
  • Better insights into your students’ career aspirations.
  • Greater understanding of where your students go after they leave.
  • Early warnings to identify students at risk of becoming NEET.
  • Reduced staff workload and consistent approach across your college.
  • Clear and insightful results using our destinations dashboard.
  • Great value for money using our optimised process and A.I. automation.

What does it include?

Our service includes a range of features to streamline your destinations data collection:

  • Intended and continued destination data collection for all students
  • Intelligent messaging service, using WhatsApp, text and web chat, to reach students effectively
  • Dedicated Grofar team to contact hard-to-reach students
  • Customisable destinations surveys
  • Destinations reports for careers teams and SLT
  • All data uploaded and accessible via the Grofar Careers Platform

Additional benefits:

  • Be Ofsted-ready with student outcomes
  • Easy access to funding – simple import into the ILR
  • Track student destination trends year on year
  • Build your alumni network from student leavers

Getting started

Quick and easy setup – start sending messages to students within days.

Our questionnaires are fully customisable and once we have student contact details, we can start collecting data straight away. Contact us below to find out more and get started today.

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