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The smart and simple way to raise funds and engage the local community.

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Community Heroes in 5 easy steps

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  • ✔ Download the order form
  • ✔ Complete and return to us at
  • ✔ We will set your school up within a day
  • ✔ Create your first campaigns and pledges
  • ✔ Send out email, newsletter and website links
  • ✔ Invite your businesses and community
  • ✔ Celebrate success!

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Money Back Guarantee*

*Money back guarantee
Download Community Heroes Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that you will raise more than the subscription fee (£249) using the platform. If you fail to do so the full amount paid for the Grofar subscription will be refunded if requested by the customer subject to the following conditions:

The refund request is made in writing and submitted within 12 months of the subscription start date.

Provided that the subscribing school has within 3 months of their subscription start date:

  1. Set up at least one funding and one pledging campaign designed to raise at least £1,000.
  2. Emailed the invitation to become a Community Hero to at least 50% of parents.
  3. Added ‘Meet the Heroes’ and Community Heroes registration web page links to their school website and at least one newsletter.
  4. Sent invitations to become a community hero to at least 20 companies/businesses for a primary school or 50 companies/businesses for a secondary school.

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